UVO Green Necklace 2 Reusable Glow  Sticks - Small UV Paqlite 

* Blue Charges Best In Sunlight. Green is the Brightest Color

In a wide open space, you can use the cord to spin the "O" in a circular motion. This creates a contrast of light and movement which is easier for rescue agents to see from the air. This can be done all night and every night until rescued. This should not be your primary signal but it is a great back up in case of an emergency.

1.5" Diameter. Available in Ice Blue & Green.

UVO- Glow in the dark Necklace (glow Donut)

What is the UVO?

The UVO is a glow in the dark necklace shaped like a donut.  It is made from extremely bright non-toxic glow in the dark crystals. (Available in Green and Blue)

How does the UVO work?

The UVO absorbs light while it hangs around your neck while you're exploring. In the dark the UVO glows all night'll be amazed!

How bright is it?

The UVO is surprisingly bright in very dark environments. Take it off to help you find items in the dark, leave it on your neck to have a night light in your solo tent, or swing it in the air to make a signal at night. Increase the brightness by wearing a light/white colored shirt.

Can I use it as a signal at night?

In a night time emergency situation, the UVO can be swung in a circle to make what is called a buzz saw. Does it replace a flashlight? We wish it could but unfortunately, it does not project light - so keep your flashlights! It's always important to have a backup light source.

Who should use it?

Anyone! If you enjoy exploring the outdoors, you just like glow-in-the-dark, or you just like to pack light. This is something easy to keep on you. Kids like it because it glows in the dark and parents like it because it makes them easier to see on a camping trip. Our glow donut is great to wear to concerts too! 


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