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Uv Paqlite glow in the dark lights

NightLight for your bedroom, bathroom, RV, or Boat

What is the UVMatlite?

The UVMatlite provides families with a reliable and reusable light source that does not use batteries, bulbs, electricity or fuels of any kind. The UV Matlite contains enhanced glow-in-the-dark crystals that absorb any light to recharge. Use the UV Matlites as night light for your Home, RV, Tent, Trailer, or Boat. When fully charged it will provide 10 hours of a night light illumination in a dark environment. Use it as a nightlight on your nightstand, in the bathroom, The UVMatlites also make finding any items in the dark easy! All our products work best when your eyes are fully adjusted to the dark. 

How do I recharge it?

Recharge the UVMatlite by exposing it to another light source like: sunlight, flashlights, fluorescent bulbs, halogens, etc. You do NOT need to take it out into direct sunlight to recharge it, it will just absorb ambient light from its environment. Just leave it on your nightstand, it will charge with lights in the bedroom or indirect sunlight from a window. All UVPaqlite products charge in 1 minute of sunlight, 5-10minutes of ambient room light, or just seconds with a flashlight.

What makes the Matlite different from the UVPaqlite?

The Matlite is designed for increased durability and let's just be honest...it's much better looking! It has the same brightness as the large UVPaqlite but is 5x heavier. The UVMatlite can be mounted against a wall, taken under water, glows in any temperature, and is designed to be used anywhere. They recharge the same and can be written on with a flashlight. It is available is 2 sizes Why would I want the Matlite vs the UVPaqlite? Customers requested a nicer looking version of the UVPaqlite for their homes, boats, and RVs. So we listened! It is also more rugged but with that comes the extra bulk weight. It's your choice!

UV Paqlite glow in the dark lights make great everyday nightlights, emergency lighting or keep with your hunting gear. We've also had great reviews from sailors, full-time RVers, and more