What Size Do You Need?

Don't like the vacuum sealed bag? Try the UV Matlite.  


How Does it Work?

The UV Paqlite absorbs any light to recharge and glows in the dark all night long.

How Fast Does it Recharge?

They fully recharge fast! Just one minute of sunlight, 5-10 minutes of ambient room light, or just a few seconds of a high lumen flashlight (+100 lumens)

How Long Does it Glow?

The UV Paqlite dims out over 10 hours. It works best when your eyes are fully adjusted to the dark.

What is it?

The UV Paqlite is a reusable light source that does not rely on batteries, bulbs, or electricity to function.


What makes UVPaqlites glow?

The Patent Pending technology provides a new way to capture the glowing photons, which are produced via crystal manufacturing from the earth’s resources of strontium, aluminum and other rare earth elements. When exposed to other light sources the crystals quickly absorb the light, store it, and then produce enough light to continue glowing all night long. You've seen similar crystals on glow-in-the-dark clothing, stickers, and ceiling stars but our crystals are bigger, brighter, and absorb light faster. The UVPaqlite are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Why do the UVPaqlites use vacuum sealed bags?

The UVPaqlite is intentionally packaged in a vacuum sealed bag making it light weight, waterproof, easy to carry, roll it up, fold it, or stuff it in a backpack. The vacuum sealed bag is very durable, but if you're looking for something even more rugged check out the UVMatlite.

How long will the UVPaqlites last?

The UVPaqlites will last forever! The UVpaqlites, unlike traditional lights, do not require batteries, bulbs, or chemical activation (shaking or breaking) therefore you can reuse them over-and-over again. These glow-in-the-dark lights do not have a shelf-life so you can store them anywhere in case of an emergency forever. The UVPaqlite will work the same today as it will 50 years from now.

Where can I use the UVPaqlite?

The UVPaqlites provide a low level light source that glows all night long. They are great for power outages, camping trips, night lights in bedrooms, or emergency lights. There are a lot of times when you do not need a big bright flashlight, you just want a nice comfortable ambient light. Use these glow-in-the-dark lights as a night light, as a back up light in other dark spaces (basements, sheds, garages, etc), or hang them in a tent, RV, cabin, or gulf stream private jet. Our glow lights are so versatile customers are coming up with new uses everyday!

Great for short or long term power outages and survives EMPs

Use as a night light inside a tent, bedroom, or camper.

How Bright is it?

The UV Paqlite provides a low level illumination- Just like a night light it is bright enough to see but not bright enough to read.

How Long Does it Last?

The UV Paqlite lasts forever. It never wears out, expires, or degrades over time. It will glow the same today as it will in 80 years.

Lights for camping, backpacking, emergency prep, and more


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