​How Do the Lights Work?
​​All of our products use our specially formulated glow in the dark crystals that absorb any light to recharge (sunlight, LEDs, ambient room light), glow all night long (+10hours), and last forever. 

How fast do they charge?

1 minute sunlight = 10 hours glow

5 minutes of ambient light = 10 hours of glow

Brighter the light = Faster charge time

How Long Do They Glow?

All the lights glow for  +10 hours. 

Keep in mind the light dims out over night, so they work best when your eyes are adjusted to the dark. 

How Bright Are They?

The UV Paqlite will provide a night light illumination in a tent (enough to see but not bright enough to read). The reusable glow sticks and the necklace are identifiers in the dark, they are not designed to light up space. 

How Long Do They Last?

FOREVER! Our lights never wear out or expire. Use them everyday or use them only in case of an emergency. So they are ideal for storing in bug out bags, 72 hour kits, or go bags. 

UVGlostik- 4inch reusable glow stick attaches easily to backpacks, gear bags, and more. 

Small UV Paqlite hang up inside a dark environment, like a 2-3 person tent, to provide a night light illumination all night long.

UVO Necklace is a light source you can wear, it will make you or something else more visible in the darkness.​

Tooblite- 6inch reusable glow sticks that can be attached to items you need to find in the dark


Glow Lights for Life

Lights for camping, backpacking, emergency prep, and more

The Scout Pack

UV Paqlites provide you with a reliable light source that glows all night long, recharges quickly by absorbing any light, and lasts forever. Inside all of our items are glow in the dark crystals called strontium aluminate. These crystal recharge by absorbing any light...sunlight, ambient room light, flashlight, etc. They will fully charge in 1 - 10 minutes of light exposure, glow for over 10 hours, and will keep recharging forever. They do not degrade over time or wear out after a certain number of uses.  We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. So give them a try risk free!  



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