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Surviving DoomsDay the Book

I’m always looking for products that are not only dependable, reliable and practical, but that represent considerable value for my limited “prepping” budget. During a recent preparedness expo, I came across UVPaqlite products, made by 4EverLights™. They are reusable glow-in-the-dark products that don’t rely on electricity, batteries, fuels, light bulbs or chemicals. Unlike regular disposable glow sticks, UVPaqlite products contain special glow-in-the-dark crystals that absorb light to recharge and offer a renewable light source; according to the makers, they will last forever. I was intrigued by the concept and wanted to see for myself, so I picked-up a few of their products and tested them under real-world conditions over a 3-4 week period. The worst possible time to try-out or test a new product is during an actual disaster. I always recommend testing new products before you actually need them. In addition, every item I throw into my bag, carry with me, or use at home has to not only perform, but perform as though my life depends on it, since one day it just might. If a product doesn’t perform under these conditions, it’s just not worth taking a chance on it.

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The no-batteries-necessary UVPaqlite

The Survival MOm

Just yesterday afternoon I sent my son on a search for 3 AAA batteries for my headlamp. It was time for my CERT class and I wanted to make sure I had a bright work light after sundown. Eventually he found the batteries, and therein lies the problem with almost every emergency light source in the house. Batteries. They die and need to be replaced, which requires a steady stream of purchases. If they’re re-chargeable, they have to be charged — when you remember to charge them! The answer to this dilemma is a light source that never requires batteries, and that would be UVPaqlite. Products from UVPaqlite never need batteries. Not ever. From their GloStick to their UVO Necklace, their products provide a constant, steady glow for many hours, far longer than any glow stick.

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Pat's Product review

 I'm like many folks, and when I can get a good deal on a product, that can help me fill a particular need, I like that. However, when I can get a great deal on a product, I'm even happier. But when I can get a free deal on something I need, I couldn't be happier. When the power goes out, we all reach for a flashlight, to help us find our way in the dark. When out camping, we need a light source of some type as well. Many folks carry flashlights in their BOB, or have lanterns for camping. Still, many other people have those snap chemical light sticks. They give a good amount of light. The only problem is, the source of that light is very limited--just a few hours.

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