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UV Matlites

The UV Matlite is the ideal night light for bedrooms, bathrooms, cabins, campers, hotels, and more. It provides a night light illumination without using batteries, batteries, bulbs, or electricity. 

How does it work?
It absorbs any light to recharge, glows in the dark all night long (10 - 12 hours) and lasts forever. It's reusable over and over again forever! Non-toxic. Made in the USA. 

How much light does it need to charge?
A very small amount of ambient light is required to fully charge the Matlites i.e. ambient light from a window, light from the doorway, or turning the light switch on throughout the day. Direct sunlight is NOT required. 

Can I cut it? Mount it? Or use it outdoors?
Absolutely! You can easily cut it with a handsaw or electric saw. It can be mounted on a wall or against a tree using screws or nails. Use it indoors or outdoors, rain or shine, and in any temperature. 

Suggested Uses:
  • Bathrooms - Set in on your countertop or the back of the toilet. When you wake up in the middle of the night you won't have to turn on the light switch.
  • Bedrooms - The low-level green light provides just enough light for the kids to see but it's not bright enough to keep them awake. 
  • Power Outages- Whether the power outage lasts one night or weeks the UV Matlite will provide you and your family with a reliable light source every will never wear out.
  • Sailboats - Looking for a light for the head that won't drain your boat batteries? This is it! 
  • Cabins & Campers - Going off grid? This is the light you need. It won't drain your battery storage and doesn't rely on LEDs or electrical components to work. 
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