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Scooblite 6 inch

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Part Number:SCOOB6
  • Brightness:Glows as a marker/ identifier
  • Durability:Solid Tube (no liquid or gels). Nylon cord. Non-rusting cord lock.
  • Depth/ Temperature:Take to ANY depth underwater. Works in ANY temperature.
  • Uses:Night dives - Use your flashlight/dive light to recharge it before your next night dive. Camping/Backpacking- attaches easily and securely to your pack.
  • Advantages:No waste. Allowed in glow stick restricted dive sites like Bonaire. No batteries. No Hassle.
  • *:Non-Toxic. Non-Radioactive. MADE IN THE USA.

Scooblite 6 inch is a reusable glow stick designed for scuba divers. The Scooblite is made from exclusive crystals that glow in darkness and recharge by absorbing light from any source. Before your next night dive, charge the Scooblite with a flashlight (over 100 lumens works the best) and attach to your diving gear. The Scooblite can be reused over and over again forever, it never wears out.

Product Specifications:

Pressurized for ANY Depth
1/8" Diameter Nylon Black Cord
High-Performance, Non-Rusting Cord Lock System
Polystyrene Tube with Clear Solid Resin 
Uniquely Enhanced Rare Earth Crystals

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