Reusable Glow Sticks

No Waste
You'll never throw away our reusable glow sticks because they last forever.

No Mess
They do not contain liquids or gels that break open and make a mess.

No Hassle
No batteries. No Bulbs. No Hassles. All they need is light to seriously ANY light. The ambient room light in your house is enough to charge them. Or 1 minute of sunlight = 10 hours of glow. 

 What Makes them Glow?
Inside all of our reusable glow sticks are proprietary strontium aluminate crystals. It's a fancy word for SUPER bright glow in the dark...brighter than any glow in the dark you've ever seen.

How Bright Are They?
You'll be able to find them in the darkness all night long (+10 hours). That's why we suggest attaching them to backpacks, keys, kids, etc. so you can spot them glowing... wherever they might be.

What's the difference between this and other glow stuff?
Let's get a little scientific. When you a break and shake a disposable glow stick you are causing a chemical reaction. The break opens a vial releasing a chemical and shaking it mixes the two chemicals together. Now the two chemicals react together to create the glow, you can slow down this reaction by placing the glow stick inside a freezer but you cannot stop the reaction or redo it. Once it's done, it's done. The stick will glow for several hours and then you throw it away.

Inside our glow sticks are giant particles of strontium aluminate (SrAl2O4:Eu2+) a non toxic/non radioactive glow in the dark crystal. They act as light sponges that absorb ANY light to charge and then glow in the dark until they run out of energy (about 10-12 hours). What's amazing is that these crystals never wear out, they will absorb light and glow again & again forever. So you'll never throw them away! The crystals are also surrounded by a crystal clear solid resin making the glow sticks incredibly durable. 

Best Value: UVGloStik 

Suggested Uses: 
Attach to backpacks, tents, keys, kids, and other important items you want to find the dark.
BOBS, EDCs, 72 Hour Bags, Earthquake Kits, etc.

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